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With all four nations represented and united,
The celebrations of liberation rising to carnival,
The affairs of the new State of Fire we abandoned
For a few hours of fellowship… to the sound of the Flameos.

After we raised teacups to our triumph together,
Ty Lee whisks Mai to a girl's dance circle,
The rest of the group follows suit, leaving me
Sharing a relaxing respite… to the sound of Uncle's Sungi horn.

I thought I couldn't be happier watching from the walls,
After all, dancing hadn't happened here in half a century.
Then my mind's eye lost focus to the vision in front of my scar…
A smile below Southern eyes… and the dark palm outstretched to mine.

But what to do?

Months ago, a day at the beach was a struggle for sanity,
How different my next trip… real smiles in the sand.
A whole life of conflict, whether work or at play,
Until, with the world on the line, a group hug set me free.

My smile comes with a flourishing shrugging off of my robe,
And a flame from my heart sets a sparkle her eyes.
Her smile grows in elation, and I take her hand,
Rushing out to the floor with Abandon arrived.

Dry, chorded pain in my chest breaks loose in the revelry,
Both her hands held in mine, I spin the world on our axis.
I have a hundred connections with her within our worldless dance,
And after a lifetime in chains, I let go as I stare in her eyes and speak.

"I know what to do, now…"
Zuko lets go a lifetime of being uptight and revels in the magic of one moment with Katara.
ATLA belongs to Bryan and Michael. Thanks for all the dreams, guys.
ShodanAllen Featured By Owner Jul 18, 2012
Thanks. It felt very fitting at the time I was writing it! I was having a internal dialouge with myself, "Really... you're gonna leave it at that, eh?" But that's whimsy for you. Somethings are better left unwritten.

superdoodler26 Featured By Owner Jul 18, 2012  Student General Artist
thats so cute! i loved how you kept it short and simple! :iconzutaraplz:
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